Christina Castagna


Bachelor's Degree in Brain and Cognitive Studies with Honors- Rochester University

Hello, my name is Christina and I am a Lab Tech in Dr. Weeber's lab! I am from Seattle (and very proud of it), but moved East to New York for college, graduating with honors from the University of Rochester with my Bachelor of Science in Brain and Cognitive Sciences. I was awarded a scholarship to take fifth year of university expense free, to further my academic interest in a field I had not yet explored. I used this scholarship to study Roman influences on modern Italian culture while I lived abroad in Italy. This trip sparked a love for travel, which I have since pursued by visiting several countries as well as many parts of the United States.

After completing undergrad, I wanted to do something significant and worthwhile with my time before I enrolled in medical school. One of my cousins was diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome in March of 2016, and it was through my research of the disease that I found Dr. Weeber. The work that his lab was doing was so promising that I chose to move across the country to be part of it.

I am currently working with the first rat model for Angelman Syndrome, maintaining and caring for the colony. I know the work we are doing here will make a significant difference in the lives of families affected by AS, and I couldn't have found a more rewarding way to spend my gap year.



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